I see lots and lots of live music sobi think I can be pretty sure in saying that The Smith Street Band are one of the best live acts going

the smith street band!!!!

oh yeah I bought a new pair of jeans because i couldn’t be bothered washing any of the ones i own, I might be the worst

metrolink are perpetually sorry for the inconvenience



The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

^that is wrong. This is ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’.

it was mocking it lol

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just had a raspberry smoothie it was the world’s nicest thing

who is coming 2 ma House

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Lion in a Coma - Animal Collective

Please don’t leave me
Things that feel good
I’ve been lucky
Trying to feel good

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the new Trophy Scars album is pretty darn good yano

this morning my brother’s friend said to me “how are you” and I said “fine you” and he said “nah I’m fucked mate” and “I did three grams of coke”