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I think finding the motivation to start homework is more difficult than the homework itself


all i want for christmas is [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [cash register noise]

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MTV made a TV show called Faking It about two girls who pretend to be a lesbian couple to become the most popular kids in school, think that premise might actually be too stupid to be offensive

so glad i did multiple Brand New shows because each set was notably different so I saw almost every song I would’ve wanted them to play

on the train with the worst hangover ever help help help


yr jus jelly cz wer yung in luv

had a really surreal dream that I was late for a lesson in high school but I had to get play doh out of my mouth first and every time I took the play doh out more play doh would appear it was incredibly frustrating

train guy didn’t believe im a child how dare he correctly assume things!!!